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This blog is about technology and pan-Africanism. Even better this blog is about Quilombism. In this blog, There will be posts in the three most used languages in the pan-African world: English, French and Portuguese.


  • Black culture
  • Black history
  • Pan-Africanism
  • Technology

What is Pan-Africanism?

Pan-Africanism is a movement that emerged within the diaspora, an organizing political tool that was designed to bring people of African descent together to fight for their rights, whether under colonialism in Africa and the Caribbean or under discrimination in the United States, Brazil or other countries, and to promote the unification of black people, especially those living on the continent of Africa.

What about Quilombism?

Quilombism is a concept of pan-Africanism with political system written by Abdias Nascimento in his essay [1] called Quilombism.

You said technology right?

Yes, I am a software developer. ;)

I believe that technology can be an efficient tool for pan-Africanism.

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