Skin Thing

Jorge Aragão is a Brazilian musician. Well known by his pan-Africanist compositions, such as Indentidade (Identity), Coisas de Pele (Skin Thing), Preto da Cor Preta (Black with Black Skin) and others.


Lyrics [1]

We can smile, nothing else prevent us
You cannot run away from this skin thing

Thing that we feel, untying knots
We now know, not all good stuff is from abroad

It’s our song in the streets and bars
Brings us to reason, remembering Palmares

It was good to insist, composing and listening
Who can resist the force of our Pagodes

And if the Samba does, sleepy prisoner of our tom-toms
And a Banjo frees people from their emotions

Exciting even more the head of a composer
Eternal stronghold of peace, the spring of many types of love

[Chorus 2x]
Popular art born from our ground
It is our people who produce the concert and sign as directors

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